Rita Ritarded

Rita’s journey began in Celle and shifted further east ever since, from Halle to now Leipzig.

Continuing at that rate she probably will have circled the earth in round about 20 years.

Her first exposure to electronic music was listening to oldskool House and Rave music in the cars of various relatives in her early childhood.
Either inadvertendly or intentioned, they passed that affinity onto her as well. When she was 14 Ritar was then guided further into the depths of
fast-paced club music by her friends who showed her Dubstep, Techno and DnB.

She picked up DJing in 2018 in Halle and quickly established herself as a household name in the East-German scene in Leipzig collaborating with the BAKE LE CAKE series and the recordstore VARY, where she was sucked even further into the aforementioned depths of club music.
You might find her right now in VARY waiting for you to get yourself some hella delicious coffee’n’cake and at least as good records.

Ritar’s sets range from Hip-Hop, Jazz & Soul over to a particular fascination with electronic music from Ghettotech, Juke & Footwork to bass-heavy Electro and Jungle.
Prepare to rave.