Amy aka ttyfal was born and raised in Leipzig in east Germany where she continues to live. In 2014 she was sucked into Dresden’s freetekno scene, embracing its music and culture. She and her friends started organising illegal raves in Leipzig too, quickly transitioning though into legal club parties at venues like elipamanoke.

Now she curates the all female* DJ event series  xa’li:t there and the INPUT event series at Institut fuer Zukunft as part of the sugar crew.  

Most of her male friends started DJing at those illegal turned legal raves and after a few female friends picked it up, Amy felt empowered to step into the booth herself. In her roles as an event organizer and promoter as well as a (music) journalist writing for publications such as frohfroh about Leipzig’s club culture, she uses her platform to give more female artists and causes a platform too. Her experience as a journalist also influences her digging, so ttyfal’s sets mostly consist of an eclectic blend of 30% House, 30% UK Garage, 30% Electro and 10% pure magic – sometimes more Garage and less Electro but never (!) less than 10% magic.