Turk Turkelton

Turk in the booth

Time and time again in fashion, politics, culture, music – basically everywhere – new trends emerge. And while they’re there they always beg the question: are they here to stay though? In the case of pants, antifascism and the general concept of an intersubjective language the answer is “yes they are”.

In the case of Lo-Fi-House the answer is “no, thank you, but no”. And yet, any trend tends to have the ability to elevate its most talented (and versatile) protagonists to a place where they then very much are there to stay. 

Georg Paris aka Turk Turkelton is born, bred and based in Heidel(boogie)berg in the south-west of Germany. He first encountered electronic music through the medium of jazz:

On the one hand through his father’s Herbie Hancock collection, on the other hand through his Jazz piano teacher showing him Ableton Live when he was 14 and he never stopped producing since.

Perhaps this background is why he has a rather complex and multi-faceted approach towards electronic music, employing many different styles and genres such as House, (the aforementioned) Lo-Fi-House, Electro, Techno and all sounds of the UK variety. And yet he takes this plethora of influences and manages to break them down into a simple common ground in his productions and his sets: “It has to slap tho”.  Turk has released on Lunar Orbiter Program, auxwegausdermisere and GHETTO TRAXX among others.