ERAM DJ Set for H&S

„For this mix I made a selection only with my brazilian friend’s tracks, some of them are part of ZONA and most of the tracks are unreleased. All my mixes are constructed based on my mood of the day, this one I recorded on a electro-ghettotek vibe, very ourselves.“

ERAM takes us on a very special journey for H&S’ 17th mix. An exclusive showcase of Brazilian artists in her signature Ghetto-tech sound, she has curated a scintillatingly ardent mix for us.

Hailing from Brazil, ERAM is the founder of collective/label ZONAEXP and host of ERAM EXP, a show on Veneno radio featuring all things hybrid electronic rap, funk and beat in the mix with the underlying electronic sound as the only restricting element. She’s also the latest addition to the Ghettotraxx label, coming in hard and fast 🔥🔥🔥