Syndicate of Creatures

Our good friend and brother from a different mother DJ Frankie aka Franco Valentino is celebrating the first release of his freshly founded label Syndicate of Creatures. Happy Releaseday brother!!!!

We wish you the world as always 🙂

We (Dogan & Frankie) met 2018 at a rave in an abandoned warehouse in Barcelona where we both were invited to play and decided to do a spontaneous b2b. It lastet 3-4 hours (if i remember correctly because i was pretty wasted tbh) and it is defo one of the most special memories i made during my deejaying life. ⠀

Don’t wanna exaggerate but this night we killed it completely. ⠀

We jumped from 80 to 199 bpms and back and people in the front row where spilling their drinks. We barely could speak the whole night, but that time it was enough to look him in the eyes. ⠀

I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear it was like that.